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Metro 2033
Metro2033 puts you into the future where the planet surface is toxic and mutants have taken over. Survival of the fittest. Guess what Humans Lost. Now relegated to living underground, threats exist everywhere. Can you survive in order to deliver your message?...
Score 78 %
Code : Metro2033
Call of Duty Black Ops
A fast paced first person shooter that's purely focuses on arcade interest. There's very little interaction with the environment and there's nothing to explore. Simply follow the drainpipe level design and shoot the masses of spawning enemies that are controlled by blatant scripting....
Score 58.5 %
Code : CODBO
BETHESDA Game Studios
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
A highly developed RPG that will keep you entertained for many days. There are an incredible number of things you can do in the game that I'm sure it will suit anyone who enjoys RPG's ...
Score 91 %
Code : Skyrim
Fallout New Vegas
Welcome to the future, where nuclear fallout has left many areas uninhabitable and mutated many of the local wildlife. This game offers a large sandbox map with the ability to travel in any direction (if you dare). This RPG game offers a wide range of quests and features that will provide many hours of fun....
Score 84.5 %
Code : FalloutNV
Operation Flashpoint Red River
A modern warfare First Person Shooter that puts you in control of a squad (3 men plus you) then tasks you on missions. You will always be fighting as part of a division and you'll be constantly barked at over the radio with new orders. This is an ok game but not as good as the original OFP. Still.. it's much better than other titles in i...
Score 64.5 %
Code : OFP-RR
A fast paced first person action shooter that will constantly put you in the thick of it and with thick enemies and thick team mates. This is an ok game for a bit of fun but it's very short and quite repetitive....
Score 57 %
Code : BS2011
Crysis 2
A first person shooter game that provides a great balance between technology, tactics and total chaos. Extremely good graphics and good game play make this an excellent game....
Score 87.25 %
Code : Crysis2
Dead Space 2
A Thrilling Third Person Shooter with great atmosphere, stunning graphics and good game play. A highly enjoyable linear designed game where your objective is to escape from your captives and those that are hunting you, while also trying to battle the plethora of mutants that you'll encounter. Get ready for some Gore packed high action gam...
Score 79 %
Code : DeadSpace2
Grand Theft Auto IV
A sand box game that provides you a wide arrangement of things to do. Primarily this is a shooting / driving game, but you have a good assortment if vehicles you can drive, from cars - trucks - boats - helicopters etc. A good bit of fun with some interesting missions and a bit of comedy thrown in....
Score 79.75 %
Code : GTAIV

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