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In this box, simply enter what you wish to search for then click Start your Search. This will search Product Name, Product Code and Description for what you entered.

You can enter partial words as well so entering pro or duc or uct would all find PRODUCT. You can enter multiple key words, simply separate each one with a space. You can also choose to search for ALL words (default) or Any words using the pulldown selection. Selecting ALL and Entering website Design both of those words must appear either in the Product Name or the Product Code or the Product Brief Description or the Manufacturers Name to be displayed in the results. (Products detailed specifications and information will not be searched).You can also put a - infront of a word to exclude any record which includes that word Example: Racing Simulator -arcade

If you do not enter anything in this box and then click on Start your Search you will be shown a list of ALL Reviews. If you choose to make selections from the below additional options then you will be shown all products matching those selections, which limit the search.

Or you can select additional conditions
from the below options first.

Display Results as Text Only
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CATEGORY SELECTION - Select only one Category
You can limit your search to just one Category. If you have entered something in the above search box then only products matching, that are found in the category you select will be displayed.
SUB CATEGORY SELECTION - Select only one Sub Category
This will further refine your search to just the one Sub Category if you choose to select one. Alternatively you can just leave all the other options at their default setting and just select a Sub category and all products in that Sub Category will then be displayed.
MANUFACTURER SELECTION - Select a Manufacturer
Limit your search to just a single manufacturer. Alternatively if you have left all the above options at their default settings and now only select a Manufacturer, all products from that Manufacturer will be displayed in all categories and sub categories.


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