Call of Duty Black Ops ( 58.5% )
Call of Duty Black Ops
Prometheus ( 63% )
Source Code ( 82.5% )
Source Code
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim ( 91% )
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Portal 2 ( 91.75% )
Portal 2 The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim ( 91% )
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Red ( 90% )
Red Source Code ( 82.5% )
Source Code


Welcome to Realistic Reviews - Detail is our Focus.

Our Approach to Game Reviews

The relevance of a review / score is primarily based on how the score was calculated / achieved. Our approach is to calculate the final rating based on the sum of 10 different criteria. We feel it is important to review all aspects of a game because the entertainment aspect encompases your complete usage of the application, not just a mission or two.

So we will also be evaluating the complete game design, including how easy is the game to configure (video, sound, keyboard and controllers) and how easy is it to navigate through the menus. Does the game require you press enter 5 times before you can even get to the main menu? Does the game allow you to skip animations and movie sequences? Even though some of those animations and movies are very high quality if you only play a game for a few hours then it's not a problem, but if you play the game multiple times and clock up many hours, then being forced to wait for them to complete every time, certainly becomes a drag and will drastically effect the re-playability of the game.

A Key difference about how we review is each review we create will be based on many hours of game play and the total number of hours will be displayed in the review! Majority of times the review will be written after we have completed the game atleast once, possibly multiple times. This ensures that we can disclose the good and bad points about the game and its design.

Many games have good points or introduce interesting aspects, however some of these great ideas are overshadowed by important design aspects which just defy logic, such as time limited conversation selections!

We won't be prolific in our creation of reviews, but if you are looking for some indepth details about a game then you've come to the right place. From time to time we will also review any hardware that we get to test, or have purchased for our selves.

The final point worth making is that we won't focus on wasting time in the review telling you about the plot / story and detailing all the characters in the game. That is for you to discover when you play it. We are only interested in giving you information on how the game plays. What you have to do and why is not the basis of our reviews.

What we Review and Why

We are only interested in reviewing games or movies that we play or watch. This will definitely influence the type and genre of titles that are displayed on this website

It is important to mention straight up that


So be assured that our reviews of games will only focus on the single player aspect and the multiplayer component will not be mentioned or accounted for in the score. WHY? Well it is quite simple. We have no interest in multi player, having to try and organize with friends to be all connected at a certain time and then all try and connect to the same server and all get into the same game. This is just frustration we can all do with out, so we do.

We won't hold back in our opinions however we won't be blatantly rude either.

It's important to simply cover the aspects of each title that we consider to be good or bad. You can make up your own mind about the relevance of each criteria we rate.

This is one reason why we show a score for each section aswell as the total score. That way if you are only interested in which game rated highest for graphics, then by all means just base your own decision making on that single factor. Same with Movies if you love special effects, then simply use the rating we allocate to that section.

Because we analyse all aspects using our criteria system, our review scores will usually be lower than how other sites rate games. Then again I don't think they go into much detail either.

Want to Contact Us

We don't make any guarantee's that we'll reply to your email, infact we won't even guarantee that we'll read it, but if you still wish to send one then you can obtain our email address from the below box.

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